What is the Community Strategic Plan?

    The Community Strategic Plan seeks to identify our priorities for the future, and articulates where we want to be as a community within the next 10 years. 

    It is the highest level plan for Wollondilly Shire Council, and is used by Council, as well as other agencies and stakeholders, to guide policy and service delivery. It details our key issues, strengths, opportunities and challenges for the future.

    The following range of strategic documents are also developed - to bring the Community Strategic Plan to life. They are used by the organisation to plan resources and initiatives.

    The Resourcing Strategy identifies the resources required to implement the strategies established in the Community Strategic Plan. It is made up of the Long Term Financial Plan, Asset Management Strategy and Workforce Planning Strategy.  

    The Delivery Program is a 4-year action-plan that sets out the activities to implement the strategies in the Community Strategic Plan within the resources available under the resourcing strategy.

    The Operational Plan is a detailed plan which provides information on Council’s key services, projects, programs and budget for the next financial year.

    Why is it important and why should I get involved?

    The Community Strategic Plan informs and guides Council decision making.  

    Developing the plan using the feedback and insights of everyone in Wollondilly will ensure that the voice of the community is central to decisions. 

    If you have ideas for your community, or if you have concerns, now is the time to get involved and have your voice heard.